In the quarantined days of 2020, music photographers found themselves with much time on their hands, and no money coming in. So we decided it was time that younger photographers capturing younger bands be given a platform to market and sell their work. With music photographers finding themselves with cancelled shows and cancelled tours for the foreseeable future, the ability to earn money has never been more important. 

There are a lot of thankless jobs in the concert world, and we want to make sure those people also benefit from this. So while folks are out of work, we’ll be donating 30% of every sale to Crew Nation, a global relief fund for live music crews. Techs, lighting designers, audio professionals, grips, tour managers, assistants, caterers, etc. Aka, the people that make the show happen. 

We’re pretty new as a collective, but individually have been around the globe a few times, and have photographed some of your favorite bands. And we’ll be continuing to add photographers and artists to the site. Don’t see your favorite artist? Let us know. We probably know someone that’s photographed them. Don't see your favorite photographer? Let them know. We'd love to have them. Thank you for supporting artists and LIVE MUSIC.