Nile Rodgers' and Chic (w/Craig David) Music Video Cameo and Photos

We were somewhere in Italy, it was probably late at night. Giorgio asked Cinnamon and I if we wanted to be extras in a Nile Rodgers and Chic video. And they were filming at Abbey Road. And it was on an off day for The Killers, and we’d already be in London. A few days later we decide I’ll play a photographer. And I mean I have my camera, might as well snap some pictures. So Cinnamon and I labored over our outfits despite there being wardrobe. (We even missed the first few minutes of the England vs. Croatia World Cup Semi FInal match bc we were shopping.) Day of the shoot I got a jacket, the rest of our looks passed the test, despite the other extras, models, and friends all looking much cooler.

I never thought I’d get to walk across that crosswalk, and be welcomed into Abbey Road Studios! Let alone as an extra in a music video! Thanks Giorgio for bringing us on. And to Nile Rodgers who was just as sweet and cool as you’d expect. Don’t blink at 1:10, you don’t want to miss your boys in action.

Here’s the very excellent video for “Sober”, directed by our good pal Giorgio Testi. It was great to watch him on set, with all his crazy Italian energy and trusty head towel always close by.